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Jobbik's Jewish and Kremlin Roots

Jobbik's Jewish and Russian Roots and Current Connections

Jobbik leader Csanad Szegedi famously discovered his jewish roots and then moved to Israel to combat "anti-semitism":

Caroline Mortimer, "Former 'anti-Semitic politician' from Hungary moves to Israel after discovering he's Jewish", The Independent, (23 September 2016).

Jobbik leader Krisztina Morvai ridiculed the size of jewish penises at the same time she was married to jew Gyorgy Balo:

Political Pest, "Please accept our apologies for somehow never mentioning that Hungary's terrifying new "Nazi" leader is happily married to a Jew", politics.hu, (3 June 2009).

Jobbik leader Gabor Vona has been making increasingly kind overtures to Hungarian jews:

Lili Bayer, "Exclusive: In First Talk With Jewish Media, Hungary's Far Right Leader Strikes A New Pose", The Forward, (8 February 2017).

Jobbik is pan-Turianist, which mythology invites Turks into Europe and which mythology was created and promoted by an Hungarian jew and a Doenmeh crypto-jew. The Times History of the War, Printing House Square, London, Volume 14, (1918), p. 308, states,

"The author of the standard exposition of the 'Pan-Turanian Movement,' who called himself by the pure Turkish name of 'Tekin Alp,' is believed to have been a Salonika Jew; and there is also reason to suppose that the secularizing, anti-Islamic tendency which is so remarkable a feature in Pan-Turanianism was partly the effect of this Jewish influence."
The Hungarian jew Arminius Vambery, who created the "Pan-Turkic" movement that led to the First World War and which is agitating for a Third World War, wrote an autobiography in 1884, which is available online for free:

Arminius Vambery, Arminius Vambery: His Life and Adventures: Written by Himself: With Portrait and Illustrations, T. Fisher Unwin, London, (1884).

It appears that Jobbik was first created by the KGB and they have run it ever since. Brandon Martinez sent me two links which describe these facts:

"The man reportedly known as K.G.Béla to colleagues in Hungary's Jobbik party has consistently denied spying for Russia since the Hungarian government charged him with treason in May. However the revelation that his Russian wife Svetlana Istoshina is married to several influential figures including a Japanese nuclear physicist and an Austrian career criminal with links to the Soviet secret services, suggests that she was a KGB running agent, who caught Kovács in a "honey trap" for almost three decades. [***] There is growing evidence that Putin has backed Jobbik from its infancy, as the Russian leader seeks to undermine the EU — its main regional rival — with the help of far-right parties in former socialist states. One former member of the Hungarian national security committee has called Jobbik "a phony nationalist party that merely serves Russian interests."--Daniel Nolan and Csaba T. Tóth, "The Far-Right European Lawmaker and the Three-Decade 'KGB Honey Trap'", Vice, (26 September 2014).
This article describes Jobbik's affiliation with anti-White and anti-West fanatic Alexander Dugin:

Anton Shekhovtsov, "The Kremlin's marriage of convenience with the European far right", (28 April 2014 ).

Source: https://lorddreadnought.livejournal.com/150646.html
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