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Russian President Vladimir Putin defends Holocaust Lies and Soviet atrocities in Europe during WWII.

Оригинал взят у lorddreadnought в Russian President Vladimir Putin defends Holocaust Lies and Soviet atrocities in Europe during WWII.

Red zionist puppet, Putin has just made it illegal to question any aspect of the Holocaust in Russia, with a penalty of 5 years imprisonment for those who do so. That law will also punish historians denying any Nazi crimes during World War II.

In 2014, in response to Ukraine revolution, with ultra right nationalists (Right Sector, Sotial-national assembly, White Hammer, Trizub) as the main force in it, Vladimir Putin introduced in Russia criminal liability for rehabilitation of Nazism and Hitler.

Under a new law, not only is it illegal to question any official report concerning Soviet history during the Second World War. It is also illegal to question the official reports concerning the verdicts of the Nuremberg trials. Therefore, as we all see, law in Putin’s Russia defends the innumerable Jewish lies concerning the so-called Holocaust.

The bill introduces a new criminal charge for "denying facts" established by the Nuremberg tribunal regarding the crimes of the Axis powers, as well as "disseminating negative information about Soviet actions" during the war.

According to the press service of the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin signed a federal law "On amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation." Putin signs law criminalizing public rehabilitation of Nazism". For the rehabilitation of Nazism in Russia threatens punishment of 5 years of imprisonment.

According to the document, criminal liability for the rehabilitation of Nazism, includes spreading negative information about the activities of the Soviet Union in World War II. Thus, increased criminal liability is assumed by the mentioned act, if committed by a person using his official position, using the media or from the fabrication of prosecution evidence.

I have to remind everyone that Russia is responsible for creation of holocaust myth, because all Nazi "death" camps were in Soviet occupation zone. It was Russian prosecutor who stated during Nuremberg trial that they have evidence about mass murder of 4 million people, in Auschwitz, millions of people in other "death camps" and at least 2 millions of Jews by SS Sonderkommandos on the territory of USSR. No credible evidence was given to the tribunal, but no one really cared about that, and holocaust myth was created. Jews and Allies supported it, but the main creator of holocaust myth is Russian communist regime.

Holocaust myth and so-called liberation Europe of evil nazi is the central part of state ideology, in modern Russia. Kremlin dwarves have reasons to defend holocaust lie, because if this lies will be exposed, all their mythology about great victory in WWII over evil nazi will be ruined. Without Soviet myths about WWII, current red Russian regime won't survive.

That is why Putin's regime continues to heroize history of the USSR.

President Vladimir Putin has also taken on the task of refreshing Russian history with a new perspective. He is on record lamenting the collapse of the Soviet Union as "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century". As he has said: "It was worse, apparently, than World War I, worse than World War II". "Last year, the president informed a group of history teachers that Russia 'has nothing to be ashamed of Stalin and that it was their job to present a more balanced picture of Joseph Stalin, described in one approved volume as "the most successful Soviet leader ever."

The disruptions of collectivisation combined with grain requisitions triggered a horrific famine in Ukraine in 1932-33 during which an estimated 6 million people. With millions of white people starved to death in other Soviet made-man famines in 1922 and in 1947. The death toll is near 20 millions dead people due to Stalin policy. Some 27 million Soviet citizens were killed in the war — a victory, yes, but not a victory for which Stalin deserves to be honoured.

But, Putin officially honours Stalin as the greatest leader. Before enacting Holocaust Laws, Zionist slave Vladimir Putin reinstated the Soviet-era red star as the Russian military's official emblem--in the latest reincarnation of Communist symbols that has sparked fears of a return to the repressive past... On Putin's initiative, the Russian parliament earlier resurrected the music of the old Soviet anthem, and brought back the Soviet-era red banner as the military's flag. Portraits of Lenin and Stalin were openly paraded through Russian streets to mark Defender of the Fatherland Day.

In 2005 as a response to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, Russian state media along with youth organizations launched the campaign ahead of World War II memorial celebrations. Their main symbol is Georgiyevskaya lenta. It was associated with military units in Red Army, who were awarded the collective Guard battle honors during the WWII, due to the usage of the color scheme in the "Great Patriotic War". I suppose, I didn't have to remind everyone about mass rape and murder of millions of white people by Red Army in Europe. Symbol of rape and murder of white European people became a decade ago part of state religion in Russia.

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