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Putin is the keyplayer in the Jewish NWO. Putin’s “New” Russia is red and pro-Israel.

Originally posted by lorddreadnought at Putin is the keyplayer in the Jewish NWO. Putin’s “New” Russia is red and pro-Israel.

All Russian media now is controlled by the government—just like in Soviet times. The Kremlin runs a multi-hundred million dollar propaganda machine—can it be sanctioned?  Russia Today alone is a $400 million operation. In March, the Kremlin put Chinese government-like restrictions on the Internet, and cracked down on the few remaining independent news outlets and bloggers left in Russia. The Guardian revealed that the Kremlin has a paid network of bloggers and commenters, “some are paid as much as 600,000 roubles ($16,700) for leaving hundreds of comments on negative stories about Putin.”

The the idea that Putin´s Russia is a “white paradise” is just a wishful thinking and in fact just an illusion. Putin never managed to create a “white paradise”. For example, Russia has a large problem with alcoholism, it´s the largest consumer of drugs, the leader in the number of cases of HIV, it has the largest divorce rate, it has the highest abortion rate and massively higher (times two or more) than all other former Soviet states. A study of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences concluded that more than 40% of Russian girls have already lost their virginity by the age of 15 (a year younger than the legal age of consent in Russia) and that among 650 17-year-olds surveyed in the suburbs of Moscow, not a single virgin was found. In Russia, degenerated music is a trend and there is even a wigger sub-culture (pictures of Russian wiggers: source I & II). MTV is active in Russia and Putin even supports the full access of Hollywood movies in Russia.

As for the allegedly high birth rates of white Russians: Since there is no official race classification in Russia, it´s impossible to give precise figures to confirm that the birth rate of white Russians grew. It´s possible that the birth rate of white Russians improved but what does it matter if there are a lot of non-whites in Russia who race mix with white Russians. Even if the birth rate of white Russians are very high, it won´t save Russia as a white country as long Putin´s Russia continues with its immigration policies and Eurasian Union project. The most important thing to preserve the white country is to prevent entry from non-white world, where they will always outbreed White countries. If that is not done, the marginal changes in birth rates are pointless. However, the birthrates in Russia are substantially higher in the non-Russian areas than they are in the white Russian ones. Putin indeed introduced governmental program “maternity capital” to pay those families who have more than one child, yet the leading positions are all occupied by Russia’s Muslim non-white minority regions: Chechnya, Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Dagestan.

As for the law to ban of promotion of homosexual propaganda to minors, it´s a good law, but it can´t affect the big picture by much. It´s believed that this is a "great Conservative act" and therefore a proof that Putin must be a good leader. Stalin also banned homosexuality (homosexuals were even sent to Gulags), abortion and he even restored Russian Orthodoxy and disbanded the League of the Militant Atheists. Russian nationalists wrote an appeal Europe and warned them that Russia isn´t the white paradise that they wish. A part of this appeal states:

Putin's propagandists often use tolerance toward homosexuals in several European countries to demonstrate the "lack of spirituality of the Western World." However, tolerance for homosexuals in Russia exceeds all bounds of common sense. Homosexual rape is widespread in the army, in prison, in children's homes, in everyday life. Cases to attract violators to justice are rare, statistics is not known that people are victims of sexual violence by aggressive homosexuals are marginalized for their further life, if this becomes known. Russian human rights activist and nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich was engaged in the identification of pedophiles among homosexuals, and accidentally exposed several high-ranking officials - and then immediately was sentenced to 5 years, the formal reason for condemnation was the reviews on the popular movies posted on the personal page of Maxim in the social network, allegedly with nationalistic propaganda. Founded antipedofilia movement "Occupy - Pedophiles" - completely destroyed by police authorities.

As for restoring Russian Orthodoxy, it´s true that Putin built many Orthodox churches, but Putin also built 7500 mosques since near end of 2014.Moscow´s Orthodox Churchesdeserted while the streets are filled with Muslims and every year, there are hundred of thousands of Muslim prayers on the streets of Moscow (200.000 Muslim prayers in Moscow in 2012). Putin proclaimed that "Islam is inseparable part of Russia´s society and culture". Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechen Republic, even declared that Allah appointed Putin to his place.

Conclusion: Putin might restored some conservative values, but the situation in Russia shows that he doesn´t really do something for the Russians, high likely because the priorities are the establishment of a multicultural / multiracial Empire and the struggle against the resistance to this (nationalists). He doesn´t really care about the white Russians and has no problem to replace them with non-white immigrants to fix the demographic problem.

Conclusion: Putin might restored some conservative values, but the situation in Russia shows that he doesn´t really do something for the Russians, high likely because the priorities are the establishment of a multicultural / multiracial Empire and the struggle against the resistance to this (nationalists). He doesn´t really care about the white Russians and has no problem to replace them with non-white immigrants to fix the demographic problem.

The majority of the current Russian population reveres the Soviet past. The official ideology of Putin’s Russia rests upon its glorification. And, as expected, Putin’s Russia takes inspiration from the Soviet past rather than from the Russian Empire, which can be regarded as the only (quasi) European period in Russian history. Putin once even called the collapse of the Soviet Union “the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century.” Not the creation of the Soviet Union, mind you, but rather its collapse is the great catastrophe for Putin and his supporters, who are the vast majority of Russians.

Most importantly, every year Russians joyfully celebrate their “victory” in the Second World War (which they call “Great Patriotic War”), without regard to the fact that this “victory” was the gravest event in the history of the white race. These celebrations are accompanied by military parades on the Red Square in Moscow. This cult of victory is the main pillar upon which the national identity of Putin’s “new” Russia rests. They venerate their “veterans of the Great Patriotic War” who were the rapists of millions of white women, murderers of millions of white men and children. Basically this veneration of the barbarian hordes, and the pride that they feel in the barbarian invasion of Europe, underlines their ethnic identity. This alone is enough to conclusively demonstrate that the identity and nationalism of Russians are in conflict with white ethnic identity.

Even the slightest attempt to shed light on the crimes of the Red Army and to revise the official WWII narrative is met with the same kind of hysteria that characterizes Western liberals. At every opportunity, the Russian media demonize Estonia, Latvia, or Ukraine when they commemorate their heroes who fought alongside Germany against the Red Army defending their homelands, or when they remove the monuments to Red Army soldiers installed in their cities by the Soviet government. For example, in 2007, when Estonian authorities removed the Red Army monument in the center of Tallinn, the official Russian media went into hysterics, and “youths” from pro-Putin organizations surrounded the Estonian embassy in Moscow and threatened the ambassador.

It is also a widespread delusion among western White Nationalists that Russia is free of Jewish influence and is an antidote to the Jew-led New World Order. Firstly, at every opportunity, Putin pays homage to the official “holocaust” narrative promulgated by the Jews. On many occasions he said that the holocaust was the most abominable atrocity in history, and the Red Army put an end to this horror. Since the cult of victory in WWII and the glorification of the Soviet past are the main pillars of national identity in modern Russia, this implies that Russian identity and patriotism are not only not opposed to Jewish interests but, on the contrary, are directly in line with them.

Secondly, anti-Semitism is very weak in Putin’s Russia, and Jews feel quite comfortable and welcome. Jewish life is flourishing at a level comparable only to the early aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution. A popular Russian-Jewish crooner, Iosif Kobzon, said not so long ago that “Jews are currently experiencing a Renaissance in Russia.” Furthermore, before the presidential elections in 2012, the chairman of the Council of Russian Jews proclaimed his full support to Putin and expressed his confidence that all Jews in Russia will vote for him. He even said that he doesn’t know a single Jew in Russia who would be against Putin.

Top Ten Oligarchs / Tycoons in Russia.

1.  Vladimir Potanin (Jew) – $15.4 bln.
2. Mikhail Fridman (Jew) – $14.6 bln.
3. Usmanov, Alisher (Uzbek) - $14.4 bln.
4. Viktor Vekselberg (Jew)  – $14.2 bln.
5. Vagit Alekperov (Uzbek) – $12.2 bln.
6. Leonid Mikhelson (Jew) – $11.7 bln.
7. Vladimir Lisin (Jew) - $11.6 bln.
8. Hennadiy Timchenko (Jew) - $10.7 bln.
9. Mikhail Prokhorov (Jew) - $9.9 bln.
10. German Khan (Jew) – $9.5 bln.

Putin's remarks and vocal support for Israel

"I am closely tracking what is happening in Israel," Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked in a meeting with a delegation of Chief Rabbis and representatives of the Rabbinical Center of Europe.

The purpose of the meeting, according to the Kremlin, was to discuss joint efforts to prevent the rewriting of history, the fight against neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

"It is important to discuss the subject of the Holocaust of the World War II era. There are Holocaust survivors among the rabbis, they have their personal, dramatic stories," Rabbi Alexander Boroda, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, told Interfax-Religion.

Boroda was seated across from Putin during the meeting, alongside Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, Israel's Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, TelAviv Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau and others.

At one point during the meeting, Rabbi Yosef commented that "hours before I flew here, a rocket landed near my house in Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish nation."

"It goes without saying there is great anxiety among my children and grandchildren who were forced to enter bomb shelters, for no fault of their own," he said, adding that it is "hard to describe the emotional damage that is being done to them. All this is just for the crime that they were born to the Jewish nation."

The Chief Rabbi concluded by asking the president to use his power "to bring a stop to the violence. There cannot be a situation where people use religion to slaughter the innocent."

Most of the Israeli population is currently living under the threat of rocket fire. Life between sirens, in and out of bomb shelters, has become the daily reality for millions of Israelis.

Hamas terrorists in Gaza have fired more than 200 rockets at Israel since Operation Protective Edge began on Monday, July 7 – and over 650 rockets since the beginning of 2014.

According a news report, Putin replied by asking Rabbi Yosef to pass along a message to Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Russia is a true friend of Israel and of the Prime Minister.

“We have to clearly realize that any attempts to review our country’s contribution to the great victory, and to deny the Holocaust – a shameful page in the world history – isn’t just a cynical and unprincipled lie, but the oblivion of lessons from history which could result in a repeat of the tragedy,” ~ Vladimir Putin.

Quotes about Putin.

"Russia has in Vladimir Putin its “most pro-Jewish leader,” whom he credits with “fighting anti-Semitism more vigorously than any Russian leader before him.” - Russia's chief rabbi, Berel Lazar.

Politicians in today’s Russia “would not risk taking anti-Semitic or a so-called anti-Zionist stand," "Any impartial observer should acknowledge Putin’s big role in this.” - Berl Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia.

"Putin’s pro-Jewish tendencies are part of the reason that anti-Semitic incidents are relatively rare in Russia. In 2013, the Russian Jewish Congress documented only 10 anti-Jewish attacks and acts of vandalism, compared to dozens in France". - Mikhail Chlenov, secretary general of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

“Putin has facilitated the opening of synagogues and Jewish community centers across Russia, at the Jewish community’s request. This has had a profound effect on Jewish life, especially outside Moscow,” Gorin said. “He instituted annual meetings with Jewish community leaders and attends community events. His friendship with the Jewish community has given it much prestige and set the tone for local leaders.” - Gorin, a Chabad rabbi and chairman of Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

Zvi Gitelman, a professor of Judaic studies at the University of Michigan who studies the relationship between ethnicity and politics in the former Soviet Union, said “Chabad, with the help of Putin, is now the dominant religious expression of Judaism in a mostly nonreligious population,” Gitelman said.

"Putin is philosemitic and has a warm feeling for Israel, though he is a pragmatist. There are quite a few Jews among his close associates and personal friends." - Yevgeny Satanovsky, member and ex-president of Russian Jewish Congress.

"Medvedev will be wonderful for the Jews, just as Putin was" - Lev Leviev, billionaire tycoon in Israel, Jewish activist and big time Zionist.

"Friendship never hurt anyone. But I have great respect for this person [Putin] and I consider that this is a person sent to our country from God." - Arkadiy Rottenberg, Jewish-Russian multi-billionaire oligarch, personal friend of Putin and his former judo training partner. His nephew now plays for an Israeli team.

"Arkady Rotenberg proves time and time again that if you know the right people the sky is indeed the limit." - Jewish Business News.

"Putin’s pro-Jewish tendencies are part of the reason that anti-Semitic incidents are relatively rare in Russia. In 2013, the Russian Jewish Congress documented only 10 anti-Jewish attacks and acts of vandalism, compared to dozens in France.""Putin is not only not anti-Semitic, he’s philo-Semitic". - Mikhail Chlenov, one of Vice Presidents of World Jewish Congress and secretary general of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

"The status of Jews in Russia, is often a barometer of how Russia rulership treats its society, Putin has been better for Russian Jews than any in Russian history, and if you want evidence of that, just ask Israel." - Stephen Cohen, professor at Princeton and New York University, CBS News consultant as well as a member of the [American] Council on Foreign Relations.

"Few would dispute that Putin has been friendly to Jewish institutional life in Russia", "Putin is good for Jews" (non-verbatim, but generally implied). - Cnaan Liphshiz and Talia Lavin, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, "Putin’s Jewish embrace: Is it love or politics".

Russian President Vladimir Putin best quotes:

"Russia was eternally multicultural".

"Today more and more often, under the guise of development of democracy and freedom, various nationalist groups are raising their heads. It is important to confront their dangerous influence."

"If a multi-ethnic society is hit by a bacteria of nationalism it loses its strength and durability”.

"We need to secure the entire Russian youth from the virus of nationalism."

“We see the rampage of reactionary forces, nationalist and anti-Semitic forces going on in certain parts of Ukraine, including Kiev.”

"Islam is inseparable part of Russia´s society and culture".

“Those that preach the ideas of nationalism, xenophobia and religious intolerance must be set rigid barriers”

“Russia is dedicated to eliminate xenophobia and nationalism”

“We are going to intensify law enforcement activities and do everything we can so to make fascist elements disappear from the political map of our country.”

“What is pure water? What is pure blood? You know that in Russia they say: “If you scratch a Russian you’ll find a Tatar.”

“Regrettably, in some European countries the Nazi virus 'vaccine' created at the Nuremberg Tribunal is losing its effect. The situation in Ukraine, where nationalists and other radical groups provoked an anti-constitutional coup d’état in February,causes particular concern in this respect.”

“Those that preach the ideas of nationalism, xenophobia and religious intolerance must be set rigid barriers”

“Those who say Russia – for Russians are either dishonest people or provocateurs”

“First and foremost it is worth acknowledging that the demise of the Soviet Union was the
greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.”

“The Stalin regime never aimed to exterminate entire ethnic groups.”

“The victory in May 1945 is a symbol of unity of the multinational people of Russia.”

"Russia will never forget Holocaust".

“Soviet defeat of the Nazis should be a warning to those seeking to revive fascism today.”

“The downfall of fascism should become a lesson and a warning that retaliation is inevitable.”

An approximate number of Russian Nationalists imprisoned during the last decade under the notorious Article 282 of the Penal Code (“incitement to racial hatred,” is around two thousand.

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